Talia Reed

Lake Street Chapel

Any class of fools. Tomorrow’s pain, sun, lost dog... This child loses her pudginess; falls slim from the baby frame year by year. And her mother still whispers of the hardship to herself – reviews, considers, reviews, considers: the pain at the abdomen that ribboned out from fatigue from laughter whatever. And still the ribboning, the impossible exertion of rising to feed, to follow. The Taskmaster trains but the Priest reaps this gratitude. Mob of intimidation presses her thankless hips into the balm of today and shifts her strange concoction of disposition into some loamy heart. Infection. A new rue rises to stir the pot. To start it again: the whisper campaign in the jugular vein.

Talia Reed is a public school teacher in rural Indiana. Her chapbook This Admirable Miry Clay will be published in May 2009 from dancing girl press. Her poems have appeared in several literary magazines including Main Street Rag, Wicked Alice, Tipton Poetry Journal, Switchback, and Arsenic Lobster. She has written book reviews for both MiPOesias Magazine and Rain Taxi: Review of Books, and she is a columnist for the art and poetry magazine O&S. This summer she will be a participant in the Favorite Poem Project Summer Institute for Educators at Boston University.