Reihana Robinson


Black arm embracing blue Her body clothed in some kind of satin. All the visitors imagine The body to be hers. They ask who is this man? Who is the black arm? They almost never believe her when she says It's just a postcard It came from Berlin That the image is not her That the black arm is a figment Waiting in the wings Of desire.

Reihana Robinson is an organic farmer, artist and writer living in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Her poems have appeared in a number of literary magazines, including Hawaii Review, Printout, Takahe, Landfall and in anthologies such as Te Ao Marama, Contemporary Maori Writing, and Other Voices 2. She is the recipient of the inaugural Te Atairangikaahu Award for Poetry in New Zealand. Her poems were recently published by Auckland University Press New Poets 3. Her artwork was featured on the cover of Melusine's debut issue.