Your Editor Has Issues, Part 12

in which it is (Winter/) Spring again and here are some poems and stories to read.

Hope you enjoy what is apparently our twelfth issue, Volume 7, Number 1. Once again, it's a Winter/Spring issue that we're putting out this year, and this year we hope to live up to our self-description of a "biannual" by releasing another one later this year, but life with two toddlers and other sources of ongoing chaos in our extra-literary life leave things a bit up in the air lately. What we do know (that we hope) for sure is that the long-rumored print anthology will be appearing this year, and we are pretty excited about that. The plan is to send copies to contributors and place the anthology for sale around the time we (certainly hope) we release our Summer/Fall issue late this summer. Either way, check in with us around that time at the blog, Facebook, etc., for news on the anthology's release.

Meanwhile, we're proud to re/introduce some new and a few familiar voices in this issue, along with a recommended review or two. We think it's some really good stuff that you will be glad you checked out. I can't say much for the artist this month, as I'm obviously no photographer, but I liked how this photo I took several years ago meshed with much of this issue's work.

Happy Spring. Speaking for myself, I'm happy that the earth doesn't give up on itself every year and just keep winter going forever but instead decides to reimagine itself and remake everything it knows again, in much the same way but just a little differently. Happy, happy that.