Kitchen Scent

Dead fruits and flowers hidden in her fists, nail polishes and their removers suffocate the tiny busy afternoons. Tables lit flowers, pale glasses, fixed leaves. Photograph the waxed hands. Unfamiliar music fills the table spaces. Hunger, somewhere killed, would perfume the sweat of the sunny kitchen now.

Jyothsnaphanija is a PhD research scholar in English Literature at EFL University, Hyderabad, India. This 23-year-old visually challenged writer has had her poetry published in Muddy River Poetry Review, The Fat City Review, Tajmahal Review, Skeletons Anthology, Luvah, Coldnoon, Kritya, and several others. Her short story has appeared in eFiction India. Currently she is on the editorial team of The Criterion, reviewer for Indian Journal of Comparative Literature and Translation Studies and fiction editor for Miracle literature and art magazine.