Your Editor Has Issues, Part 10

in which she explains where the heck we've been for the past year, etc.

Once again, I have to apologize for a delayed issue launch, this one delayed a bit more than issues past (like by an entire issue.) I should have known that a new baby (especially a first baby born to a mother with very little experience taking care of babies) was likely to take even more time away from other projects than anticipated. Well, to be fair to the baby, I’ve found that just about any new task I add to the roster takes more time away from other projects than anticipated, but babies are particularly skilled at taking their share of one’s time.

That said, having this baby girl in my life has been an awesome, life-changing experience. I don’t want to get too deep into cliches, so I’ll stop there except to say that, time management aside, I actually did anticipate pretty well what motherhood would be like—especially the tough parts. And sometimes it’s good to go into something life-changing without illusions. But the one thing I underestimated was the very best part, how completely bowled over with love I would be for this tiny new being. I’ve found that the tough parts of parenthood aren’t in the least exaggerated, but what came as a surprise is that, for all the sentimental hype you hear from parents, the awesome parts may well be underplayed; I've found them to be even more awesome.

Now, to wrap up, as always, a few notes on logistics:

Going back to the whole time management issue and then tacking on the aspect of financial feasibility as well, our print editions may end up being fewer and farther between than originally hoped. To make up for that fact, we’re planning to make the few that we do produce count by coming out with a nice hefty five-year anthology next year, featuring work from the journal’s inception in 2009 through this year’s issues. I’m reluctant now to give any estimates on when that work will get underway and when selected contributors will be notified, but I’ll keep you posted here and on social media and our blog.

Other changes include the migration of book reviews back from the blog to the issues, beginning with this one. As noted in our submission guidelines, we are not currently accepting queries for books to review but we most definitely are accepting completed book reviews, so please send those in, or send a query first, if you prefer, about a book you’d like to review for us.

The blog won’t be left completely without purpose, though. We have a new series planned, the Melusine Digest, which will feature reprints or links to the best work from prior issues as well as news, links, recommendations and other tidbits, and this will be gracing our blog, well, let’s just say soon.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy this new issue. What kept me at it when time was hard to steal was my excitement at the vitality of the writing here, which reminded me why I love doing this. And thanks so much to two of Melusine’s favorite artists, Whitney Vaughan and Lindsey Bucklew, for contributing more of their exquisite work to our cover and feature pages. (And thanks to my daughter and her daddy for the two pieces you see here. I couldn't resist sharing ;)