Your Editor Has Issues, Part 7

in which she will get directly to the point.

The point being that I'm excited to launch Melusine's seventh issue. Can you believe we've been around that long? Well, long in journal-time, anyway (not very long). But it really does seems like just yesterday...

I hope you enjoy our 3.1. It features poems from the top three winners as well as a list of honorable mentions from our 2011 contest for the Vivienne Haigh-Wood Prize for a single poem.

The prize-winning poem, "Roses" by Lou Amyx, was actually written as part of a poet/artist collaborative project, and the author's poem had been inspired by an 8 x 10 woodcut with watercolor by artist Blake Soto, also titled "Roses." We're so glad he offered to let us publish the piece alongside her poem.

Our cover is a photograph by Elizabeth Ann Garner, and her piece as well as two photographs by Steve Wing are featured throughout the issue. And as usual, there's plenty of good reading — fiction and poetry. (Check out the blog for reviews and occasional nonfiction pieces, plus real, full-length editorials from me, on actual topics and such ... Yes, the blog has been subsuming some of the issue territory, but we all share the same nook in the ether, so please check it out as well and consider submitting a review or nonfiction story. It's open all-year-round.)

So, on that note, as usual, I won't take any more of your time quasi-editorializing. If you haven't already, click around and have a look!