Ellen Roberts Young


Florestan's angel, my idol, Leonora, successful dissembler, adds her conflicting desire to the fluid quartet. Beethoven's phrasing assures us all will be well, promises triumph, not tragedy. But a woman acting alone signals disorder. When her unwomanly wiles have gained her prize, she hands over her power with the borrowed clothes. Authorities, amazed, relieved, praise her after the fact, in redundant chorus reclaim her courage as faithfulness to her man. Now she has nothing to do but sing. Music swells, rightful rule restored. I walk out, wanting a tale with no such close. Sensing some lack of balance, Beethoven rewrote the overture.

Ellen Roberts Young, a California native who spent almost 40 years in Pennsylvania, is now part of the writing community in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Her chapbooks, Accidents and The Map of Longing were published by Finishing Line Press. In addition to numerous journal publications, her poems have been anthologized in The Wisdom of Daughters and Orpheus and Company.