Wendy Chin-Tanner

Two Poems

A Good Woman

If I were a horse, you would know I was good; even at the shadow of a whip, I will run.


The old bulbs have sprung again in the untended garden, roused by the raw clockwork sun of March reaching through the bare joints of the neighbor’s arthritic crabapple tree. Behind that sprightly curtain of yellow and white, unseen effort had seethed beneath the blanket of sod. Wood pigeons coo in pairs on the fence. We are, neither of us, natural gardeners.

Wendy Chin-Tanner's work has appeared in such journals as The Saint Ann's Review, The Nervous Breakdown, Praxilla, and the Mays Anthology of Oxford and Cambridge. She is a poetry editor at The Nervous Breakdown and will serve as a reader for the 2011 Washington Prize, for which her first collection, "When the Elements Part", was a finalist last year. Wendy teaches undergraduate sociology at Cambridge University, UK.